Department and Courses

  • B.Sc (MSCS)
  • B.Sc (MPCS)
  • B.Com (CA)
  • B.C.A
  • BCCA
  • B.A (EPCA)
  • B.A (EHP)
One of the best colleges in Andhra Pradesh is Sree Chaitanya Degree College. offering pre-university, undergraduate, and graduate-level education Sree Chaitanya College was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing quality education. The college aims to strike a balance between co-curricular pursuits that advance students' general development and academic performance.

Our Academic System:

The college's academic council is divided into sections. academic directors and heads, with the principal serving as the team leader. Every team has a meeting with the council to discuss ideas for improving teacher performance, as well as programs for efficient technique, resources, and infrastructure. The Academic Council evaluates, discusses, and finalizes the entire year's academic plan. Here, teaching knowledge won't help the students reach their final objective. As a result, the college has created a variety of methods to enable the students to realize their goals. We stand out from the crowd by conducting weekly unit examinations on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the first two periods of the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively. Students get plenty of opportunities to learn the weekly lessons in-person and to get ready for the final semester exams.



The Sree Chaitanya campus has computer, physics, electronics, and chemistry labs available. In the physics, electronics, and chemistry labs, students participate in experiments and demonstrations to obtain practical experience. Under the knowledgeable direction of the corresponding topic professors, the pupils learn.


There are a lot of encyclopedias, reference volumes, and journals at the Sree Chaitanya library. That gives knowledge on a variety of topics so that kids can comprehend the ideas in their curriculum. Reference books frequently offer in-depth information about a variety of areas, aiding in education. More than 5000 reference books are available in the libraries at our degree and postgraduate colleges. A maximum number of hours of library use by students and a qualified librarian.


The college offers a 200–250 student capacity air-conditioned and well-equipped audiovisual room for usage by both students and staff. To conduct regular orientation programs, such as extension lectures, guest lectures, personality development courses, E-class, etc., OHP and LCD facilities are available.


The college has vehicles available for student pickup and drop-off within a 20-kilometer radius. Our top priority is the safety of the students being transported in the vehicles.


The main priority at our college is safety. Every floor of the building also has a fire hose reel attached. The company representatives gave a demonstration of the systems' use technique.


A generator that can keep the college completely powered during power outages can allow the students to continue their classes until the conclusion of the regularly planned day and, if necessary, keep the facilities open for days.